Apocalocke Variant

The Apocalocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge is played using normal Nuzlocke rules, with some additional restrictions:

  • The player chooses (or randomly selects) a type of apocalyptic disaster. Depending on the disaster chosen, only certain Pokemon types “survive” and may be used. Some commonly used disaster types are as follows:
  1. Tsunami (Normal, Flying, Water, Grass, and Dragon-types survive and may be used)
  2. Heat wave (Normal, Fire, Rock, Electric, and Ground-types survive and may be used)
  3. Ice Age (Normal, Ice, Dark, Fighting, and Steel-types survive and may be used)
  4. Nuclear War (Normal, Poison, Bug, Psychic, and Ghost-types survive and may be used)
  5. Famine (Normal, Rock, Ground, Steel, and Ghost-types survive and may be used)

Users may also generate their own apocalyptic scenarios, along with with types may be used for a customized experience.

Similarly to the Monolocke challenge, dual-typing may be allowed to encourage Pokemon variety. For example, in a Tsunami run, Lanturn may be allowed, despite its Electric-typing, since it has the required Water-type. For an additional challenge, dual-typing outside of the allowed types for your disaster type may be prohibited.

Optional Modifications

  • You may roll a die to assign each Pokemon a trait or quirk when it is caught, which affects how it may be used in battle. Some examples include:
  1. Loner: This Pokemon may not switch out once it enters battle.
  2. Paranoid: No items (Potions, Antidotes, TMs, etc.) may be used on this Pokemon, and it may not hold an item.
  3. Lucky: No additional rules apply, this Pokemon may be used as normal.
  4. Sickly: This Pokemon may only use three moveslots. One moveslot (for example, the fourth) must never be selected in battle.
  5. Young: This Pokemon may never evolve.

Players may come up with different or additional random traits for their Pokemon for a customized experience.

  • For an additional challenge, the use of Pokemon Centers may be limited or prohibited entirely to simulate apocalyptic conditions.