Optional Rules

Below is a list of many optional rules which may be used in addition to the baseline Nuzlocke rules, in order to create an easier, harder, or otherwise unique experience. It does not include the Shiny Clause or Duplicate Clause, which, while optional, are quite common and are covered in Nuzlocke Basics.

  • Limiting the number of times each Pokémon Center may be used (eg. once per run)
  • Randomizing the starter Pokémon according to the trainer’s ID number (if the last digit is 1-3 the player chooses the grass type, if 4-6, water, and if 7-9, fire. If the last digit is 0, the player may choose.)
  • Using “set” battle mode
  • “First man out” – allowing the player to revive the first Pokémon that faints during a run
  • Banning held items
  • Banning exp. share
  • Banning online references and doing the run “blind” (no Serebii, Bulbapedia, etc.)
  • Banning the day-care
  • Releasing the starter Pokémon after the first wild Pokémon is caught and raised to level 5
  • Banning legendary Pokémon
  • Banning “over-leveling”: Player’s Pokémon may only be trained up to the level of the next Gym leader’s strongest Pokémon

These optional rules can help you customize a standard Nuzlocke run. For an even more unique experience, check out our list of Nuzlocke variants – radically different takes on the Nuzlocke challenge.