Here, we’ve compiled a list of some other great resources and tools to help you with your Nuzlocke challenge.


  • Serebii is the go-to resource for information on Pokémon stats, moves, evolution requirements, location, and more. This is very helpful for planning and building your team and knowing to what level each Pokémon should be raised for the next new move or evolution.


  • Bulbapedia is an excellent Pokémon database, and is helpful when planning for important battles against Gym Leaders, Rivals, or other dangerous opponents. The site has information on what Pokémon each trainer uses, what level they’ll be trained to, and what moves they know, allowing you to plan for these encounters accordingly.

Pokémon Database

  • Pokémon Database is another excellent reference tool, with information on each Pokémon’s movepool in each generation, breeding partners, stats, and other important characteristics.

Nuzlocke Tracker

  • Nuzlocke Tracker helps you keep track of which Pokémon you encounter in each area, and is a huge help in keeping your run organized and helping you remember which areas you have and haven’t already caught a Pokémon.

Pokemon Showdown Damage Calculator

  • Originally designed for competitive Pokémon, this resource is useful for the Nuzlocke challenge as well. It allows you to input details about your Pokémon, as well as your opponent’s, and calculate how much damage each Pokémon’s moves will do to the other. This is extremely helpful in situations where you need to know if an opponent’s attack can knock your Pokémon out, or vice-versa. Being surprised is never a good thing in a Nuzlocke, and this resource can help you avoid unexpected knock outs.

r/nuzlocke Subreddit

  • The r/nuzlocke community on Reddit has a great wiki, which contains basic Nuzlocke tips and advice as well as a few variants on the basic Nuzlocke challenge. The subreddit itself is a great place to share your teams and Nuzlocke stories with other players, as well as to ask for help or advice. Head on over and join the community!

Nuzlocke Forums

  • The Nuzlocke Forums are a great place for sharing and discussion for all things Nuzlocke-related. They have boards for sharing progress and asking questions, as well as lots of interesting ideas for unique challenge runs. This is a great place to interact with others who enjoy the Nuzlocke challenge and Pokémon in general.