Chesslocke Variant

The Chesslocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge is played with standard Nuzlocke rules, with a few modifications. First, only sixteen Pokémon may be acquired throughout the entire run (the player’s starter, and fifteen others) to coincide with the number of pieces on one side of a chess match. The player must assign each Pokémon a role before it can enter a battle, which determines what restrictions the Pokémon is subject to. These roles include a King, Queen, two Bishops, two Knights, two Rooks, and eight Pawns. A player may only have one Pokémon of each role on their team at a time. The roles are subject to the following rules:

  • King: The starter Pokémon. The King must remain in the party at all times, and if it faints, the run is considered lost.
  • Queen: The Queen is not subject to any restrictions in battle and may be used as normal. However, the Queen must be a female Pokémon.
  • Bishops: A Bishop may only know two damaging moves at any time. (If the Bishop knows more than two damaging moves and they cannot be deleted, two must be selected for use and the others must never be used.)
  • Knights: A Knight may not use any moves with a Base Power greater than 60.
  • Rooks: A Rook may not use any damaging moves with secondary effects (such as chance to inflict status or chance to flinch) but may use non-damaging moves with effects.
  • Pawns: A Pawn may never evolve, and must be its line’s lowest evolution. This means higher evolutions may not be caught for use as Pawns. However, if the Pawn wins a Gym Leader, Elite Four, or Rival battle by itself (without any other Pokémon participating) it may be “promoted” to one of the other roles, regardless of the number of Pokémon already in that role (only female Pawns may be promoted to a Queen).

Original variant creator: Nuzlocke Forums user Zaazaa0