Draftlocke Variant

The Draftlocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge is a competitive game type where multiple players race to complete a Nuzlocke challenge in the shortest time, with a few rules modifications. It was originally suggested by Reddit users u/SilentProt (who also runs a YouTube channel hosting Nuzlocke runs and other gameplay) and u/Taylorobey in this post on r/nuzlocke. At the beginning of the challenge, players take turns drafting types, and may only use Pokémon that have at least one of the types they’ve selected. The full rules are as follows:

  • The primary type of each player’s starter Pokémon is considered their first draft type.
  • After starter selection, players take turns drafting types. This could be organized in any way deemed fair, such as a serpentine draft, but for the original draft rules see the Reddit post. If any types are left over after all players have drafted equal numbers of types, these become universal types which any player may use.
  • Normal Nuzlocke rules apply. Even if the first encounter for a route is not one of the player’s allowed types, they may not catch another Pokémon on that route and must continue without a catch for that area.
  • If a Pokémon at any time does not have at least one of the player’s draft types, it must be immediately benched and cannot be used.
  • After a player completes a Gym, they may pause the game and call for a type trade with a player who has not yet completed that Gym, where the two players “swap” types of the ahead player’s choosing. Pokémon which no longer meet a player’s type requirements must be benched, and Pokémon which previously did not meet the type requirements but do after the trade may now be used. Starter types may not be traded until after a player has completed the second gym. If a type trade would leave any player with no viable Pokémon, a different type must be traded. If a player is in a battle when a type trade occurs, the trade does not take effect until after the battle is completed.

For a more comprehensive list of additional rules you can use to customize any Nuzlocke run, see our Optional Rules section. For even more unique ways to enjoy the Nuzlocke challenge, check out our Nuzlocke Variants page!