Generationlocke Variant

The Generationlocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge is a sort of super-challenge, in which multiple regular Nuzlocke runs are played sequentially, using the surviving Champions of one run as the starter team in the next. The idea is to try and keep the same team of Pokemon alive through multiple Nuzlocke runs, and to develop an even stronger bond with your Pokemon.

Regular Nuzlocke rules apply for each run.

When a run is completed, baby versions of the surviving Hall of Fame team are transferred to the player’s party in the next game, either by breeding Eggs and sending them to the next game, or by using a tool like PKHeX to edit the game’s save file.

The player may also choose to give bonuses to Pokemon that survive for multiple generations, such as allowing them to learn an Egg move or to be bred with a selected Nature. This encourages long-term attachment to specific Pokemon and additional incentives for keeping them alive, but is not strictly necessary.

For instructions on how to complete a Generationlocke using Nintendo consoles and how to transfer your Pokémon between generations, check out How to Transfer Pokémon between Generations in a Generationlocke.