Loserlocke Variant

The Loserlocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge was introduced by NerdyEdits on Twitch and YouTube (you can see the original video here). It is played with standard Nuzlocke rules, with some major additions:

  • Only Pokémon from a one or two-stage evolutionary line may be used.
  • Only regular Poké Balls may be used to capture Pokémon. Other types of balls must be tossed (they can not be used or sold).

These rules are at the core of the Loserlocke challenge. Other rules used for this challenge include:

  • Using “Set” battle style
  • No use of healing items in battle
  • No man-made healing items may be purchased, but can be used if found on the ground (these items still may not be used during battle)

For even more explanation of these rules and the reasoning behind them, check out the creator’s original YouTube video.

For a more comprehensive list of additional rules you can use to customize any Nuzlocke run, see our Optional Rules section. For even more unique ways to enjoy the Nuzlocke challenge, check out our Nuzlocke Variants page!