Monolocke Variant

In the Monolocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge, only Pokemon that have a specific type are allowed to be caught and used by the player. This is sometimes also referred to as the “Gym Leader challenge”.

  • Dual-typing is allowed in order to encourage variety. For example, in a Water-type Monolocke, Wingull would be allowed, as it is a Water/Flying-type.
  • If a member of a Pokemon’s direct evolutionary line has the assigned type, its evolutions and pre-evolutions may be used. For example, in a Flying-type Monolocke, Charmander and Charmeleon can be used, since Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type. (Note: this does not apply to alternate evolutions. For example, Flareon would not be allowed in an Electric-type Monolocke, even though its pre-evolution Eevee can evolve into the Electric-type Jolteon.)
  • If the player’s starter (or one of its evolutions) has the assigned type, it may be used. Otherwise, the starter Pokemon must be boxed as soon as an eligible Pokemon has been obtained and trained to at least Level 5.
An incomplete team for a Water-type Monolocke challenge. All these Pokemon are eligible because they have the Water type, despite their additional Ground, Poison, and Flying typings.