Zombielocke Variant

The Zombielocke variant of the Nuzlocke challenge is played with standard Nuzlocke rules, with the added rule that if a Pokémon faints it may be revived once as a “Zombiemon”. Zombiemon are subject to the following rules:

  • If a Zombiemon is knocked out again, it is considered permanently dead and must be boxed or released.
  • A Zombiemon may never be healed by healing items, recovery moves, a Pokémon center, or by any other means. A Zombiemon may be healed at a Pokémon center only if another healthy Pokémon from the player’s party or boxes is “sacrificed” to it. The sacrificed Pokémon must be permanently boxed or released. (This does not allow a fainted Zombiemon to be revived, only for an active Zombiemon’s HP to be restored.)
  • A Zombiemon may never be placed in a box. If a Zombiemon is placed in a box, it is considered dead and must be permanently boxed or released.
  • Zombiemon may not hold items.
  • Ghost-type Pokémon can never become Zombiemon. If a Ghost-type Pokémon is knocked out, it is considered dead, as in a standard Nuzlocke.

Original variant creator: RealHipHopManiac on YouTube (this is to the best of our knowledge and could not be verified).