We’re conducting a Nuzlocke community survey, and we want you to participate!

Nuzlocke University is conducting a Nuzlocking community survey, and we want your input! If you enjoy Nuzlocking, fill out the survey here!

Hello everyone!

We here at Nuzlocke University are excited to announce a Nuzlocke community survey!

As I’ve been writing for Nuzlocke University and managing the site, it’s always impressed me how much variety there is among a community of players for a fairly niche challenge run of the Pokémon games. Different players enjoy different rulesets, have their own favorite Pokémon and strategies, and enjoy Nuzlocking for their own unique reasons. There’s a wide range of experience, from people working through their first Nuzlocke runs, to veterans who’ve been Nuzlocking since the early forum days. I’ve always thought it would be fun to put together a survey about people’s Nuzlocking experiences and preferences and share the results with the community, so we decided to make that happen!

We’ve put together a fairly short survey, covering topics ranging from which Pokémon games are your favorite to Nuzlocke, to which resources you use, how often you finish the runs you start, and why you enjoy the Nuzlocke challenge, along with many others. We’ve tried our best to keep the survey short and sweet – it shouldn’t take you more than ten or twenty minutes to complete. I hope you’ll consider taking the time to be part of the survey and sharing your experiences with the community – the more responses we get, the more representative, and ultimately interesting, the data will be!

Once the survey wraps up, we’ll be organizing and analyzing the data, adding some pretty graphs, charts, and write-ups, and sharing the results with all of you! I hope you’re as excited about this as I am, I can’t wait to see what the community has to say about the questions we’ve come up with. The survey will be open until June 8, 2022.

You can take the survey by clicking this link.

Thanks for your time and participation, and happy Nuzlocking!


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